Some Disturbing Facts About
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(aka David Gordon)


National Association of Accredited Insurance Professionals

According to the NAAIP logo, it has been "NAAIP since 1931"

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by Robert L. (Bob) Barney
President, Compulife Software, Inc.
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the "real" David Rutstein (aka David Gordon, aka Nate Golden, etc.)
NOTE: This image is a "snapshot" taken from the November 15, 2016 video deposition testimony
of David Rutstein; the video and image were paid for by Compulife Software, Inc.

David Gordon is David Rutstein

On November 15, 2016 David Rutstein sat for a deposition and denied, under oath, that he was David Gordon. Before explaining why he is using the alias David Gordon, let's verify that's David Rutstein is David Gordon.

A number of people have listened to the following series of recordings and have concluded that the voice of David Rutstein is David Gordon. Let's see what you think. Here is a recording that I made of David Gordon:

David Gordon, conference call May 10, 2017

Compare that with the voice in this Radio interview, which David Rutstein gave in 2006:

David Rutstein - First Radio Interview

I recommend listening toward the end of the interview as that is when David falls into his particularly distinctive speech pattern.

If you listen to the entire radio interview it will seem odd, a bit surreal. David Rutstein is being interviewed about a lawsuit that he filed against the former Prime Minister of Israel, Shimon Peres. Really? Yes, that's the very same David Rutstein who is now running around using the name David Gordon trying to get agents to sign up for NAAIP websites, which is how I got involved in this.

Here is an archive copy of this same website, when David used to own the domain name ""; the one I now own for this website. This page, from over 10 years ago, will show you what I am talking about:

Archive copy of from October 11, 2006

Notice, after talking about the Rabin murder, which David claims was arranged by Shimon Peres, that David is pumping his websites. In addition to his Canadian Drug Store website (yep, not kidding) David is promoting medicare supplement insurance and health insurance.

And just to make sure no one thinks this is a different David Rutstein, here is the website home page a few months later, still owned by David Rutstein, but now updated.

Archive copy of from July 4, 2007

Notice the toll free number at the top of the blue panel on the left: 800-770-0492 That's the same phone number used by NAAIP. There's lots more there to read, but the name David Rutstein is prominently featured.

So back to the question, "Why won't David Rustein use his real name to do insurance business?" Why is he using the name David Gordon?

David Rutstein lost his Florida resident insurance license, and his insurance licenses in 40 other states, because he was caught selling fraudulent health insurance policies. Here's the agreement that he entered into, to escape prosecution for fraud.

Consent Order
Settlement Stipulation For Consent Order

In order to avoid prosecution for insurance fraud, Mr. Rutstein signed and admitted in the "Settlement Stipulation For Consent Order" that:

Once again, David Rutstein signed and admitted that is is what he did. The "Consent Order" which followed his admission said that he was barred from any participation in the insurance business. Here is a portion of that order:

If David Rutstein ever gets caught being David Gordon, who is clearly doing all kinds of insurance related business, David Rutstein could be in a lot of trouble. Will the state of Florida ever wake up and actually investigate this?

So back to making sure that David Rutstein is actually David Gordon and vice versa.

Here's another David Gordon conference call, this time where he clearly identifies himself:

David Gordon, conference call March 7, 2017

Now you need to compare that with this voice of David Rutstein:

David Rutstein - Second Radio Interview

And one more David Gordon recording. Here is a voice mail message that David Gordon left on an agent's phone:

David Gordon Voice Mail Message, October 15, 2015

In that recording you will hear about David's REWARD for $5,000 if someone could convince me to sue him. Actually, he later doubled that reward to $10,000, which he is still offering on his NAAIP website (see the bottom of the page):

$10,000 Reward Offered by NAAIP

Now before you get all excited, and decide to go for the reward, the lawsuit was filed a year ago. David won't be paying anyone a reward, he never intended to.

Compulife Commences A Federal Lawsuit

For almost two years this site has existed to warn customers, partners, suppliers and others doing business with David Rutstein (aka David Gordon) and NAAIP that they faced the risk of being exposed to the software piracy, copyright infringement and theft of trade secrets which the NAAIP operation has been engaged in regarding the software products of my company, Compulife Software, Inc. I have exhausted every reasonable effort, short of a lawsuit, to end this matter. All of those prior attempts failed and the problem has only gotten worse.

The following is Compulife's federal complaint which we initiated on May 23, 2016. The complaint was subsequently amended and you will find a copy of the amended complaint here:

Amended Complaint Against Binyomin Rutstein, David Rustein and John Does 1 to 10

IMPORTANT: As this lawsuit proceeds, and we uncover the identities of those involved, the names of the actual parties will be added to the lawsuit to substitute the John Does.

VERY IMPORTANT: You do NOT want to become one of the John Does.

If you are an agent that has created a website with NAAIP and you are using the "Life Insurance Quote Engine" supplied by NAAIP on your website then you face serious legal exposure.

During the course of communicating this with many of those involved, I have been told over and over that they know nothing about it. Unfortunately, many ignore my warnings and continue to operate as if there is no problem. Many are quite happy to continue business with NAAIP "as is". It is my understanding that "ignorance" is NOT a defense in these matters. And if the Rutsteins are not prepared to accept responsibility, then the others who have participated in this operation will end up being left holding the bag with no assistance from the Rusteins.

If you are an agent considering doing business with NAAIP, I would caution you to examine all of this VERY carefully before proceeding.

If you are an agent, partner or in some other way involved in profiting or attempting to profit from the operation that is NAAIP, I would encourage you to reach out to me as soon as possible.

You can contact me directly:

Robert Barney (President)
Compulife Software, Inc.

Any assistance that you can provide, in resolving this matter, may mitigate or settle any damage claims which my company may have against you.

This court case is proceeding quickly, and there will be new developments and disclosures as we move forward. I will try to keep you advised, on this page, of the progress.